The Draft Room

The Draft Room is a Columbus bar that features local crafts, top shelf whiskeys, liquors and gift packages. They also host fun and active events, food trucks and much more. The clients needed a low budget design in which they could take on much of work themselves. They were very clever and added some unique … More The Draft Room

Quadra Island, BC

After Mt. Rainier, my brother and I headed for the Canadian border. Our goal was to pick up my good friend Killian who flew into Vancouver and was going to meet us in Tsawwassen which is south of Vancouver, to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island. This was my first ferry ride since I was a child. I … More Quadra Island, BC

Siblings Adventure

My first visitor was my brother and I couldn’t be happier! After 2.5 weeks on my own I was ready for a companion and my brother is hands down one of the best travelers out there. He knows how to have a good time and make the best of everything! Anthony flew into Portland, OR on … More Siblings Adventure

Down a fuel pump

We’re two days in and I’ve already got stories to tell… Yesterday was a long day; 10 hours of hightailing it through Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Unfortunately I was on the side of the road twice. First time a nice husband and wife stopped and helped. The husband is a Kawasaki man; he … More Down a fuel pump

On the road…

We are at our first campsite in a small town of Illinois. We parked, napped, fixed a few things, made pasta while sipping on some wine and just got back from a leisure walk! Life is pretty good.

Is it time yet?!

Three days! Sally can’t wait, and life these days are normal for her. Her sidekick on the other hand can’t sleep because her brain is flooded with thoughts. She is so excited, yet nervous, stressed, and anxious. Once we get on that road, it’s all gonna be alright!