Hello. I am free spirited Gyspy soul. A rebel at heart. A nature lover.  A traveler. A Designer. A motorcyclist. A craftswoman. A dreamer. A doer.  I am the owner of Project Gypsy Design.

I believe a positive mind breeds a happy soul. With a happy soul you can accomplish anything. This is the story of my gypsy life, starting the day I hit the road in my 1981 Ford Coachmen; motorcycle on the back and my sidekick Sally, a rescue mutt unlike any other at my side for 115 days straight. This journey changed my life and healed my soul. Since then it has become my mission to keep my heart and soul filled with natures energy thru travel. I want to surround myself with like minded folks who understand that there is more to life than the daily grind.

Environmental Design is my creative outlet. It has sort of been embedded in my life at a young age. I was basically born with a hammer in hand following my contract remodeler Dad around his job sites anxious for my next task.  Fast forward 20+ years; as a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design I now own my an LLC called Project Gypsy Design. I have more than 10 years of experience in the retail and residential industry; I thrive on design challenges and love planning out spaces. I always look forward to meeting new people/clients and helping them bring their dreams to reality. It’s a privilege to be able to enhance someone’s life through design. My heart is in the residential sector because I love the one-on-one connection with my clients. However, retail can be just as exciting and rewarding. I’ve worked on a multitude of branded environments such as the award winning, high-end retailer Pirch, along with other retailers including Target, Lowe’s city concept stores, The Limited, PINK, Bath & Body Works, Dell, and an up coming local bar here in Columbus called The Draftroom.

I hope you enjoy my blog!