Quadra Island, BC

After Mt. Rainier, my brother and I headed for the Canadian border. Our goal was to pick up my good friend Killian who flew into Vancouver and was going to meet us in Tsawwassen which is south of Vancouver, to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island. This was my first ferry ride since I was a child. I was a little nervous having to take the rig on and not knowing how Sally would do. All went well. It was an easy ride, the view was spectacular and there was alcohol for sale…perfect. Once we docked at Vancouver Island we quickly heading north to catch another ferry to Quadra Island. Just in time to catch the last ferry over there, the night ride was mysterious and exciting.

I had no idea what I was getting into. That night we made it to Paul’s house, a long time friend of Killian’s Dad. We parked the rig, settled in for drinks and snacks on a tiny balcony with a million dollar view. In the morning we learned that the bay in which we were looking at the night before is a popular location for some million dollar yachts. I can understand why. Surrounded by lush trees, mountains in the distance, clear skys and lazy seals, it’s a location hard to resist. Paul was a great host, he took us through the small hippie-like town to a cute farmers market with local crafts, baked goods and art, we had breakfast at a quaint little coffee shop where the locals often frequent and then to the pint sized grocery store to stock up on goods for our canoe/hiking day trip we were about to embark on.

The canoe and hike was out of this world, an adventure only told to those nearest to me. It was beautiful, explorative and heroic. A day I will never forget for so many wonderful reasons. After the hike, we settle back into Paul’s paradise, a plot of  land that he has utilized in such a beautiful way. He himself has hand built small cabin like homes throughout his property, all of his buildings have breathtaking views to the bay and each so unique and special to him that you can’t help getting lost in there enchantments. We feasted that evening and celebrated my brothers birthday. As the sun dropped we made way to the outside; there we played with drums and had a small jam session. In that moment with again, the incredible view, it was a peaceful awakening to still the beginning of my gypsy journeys. Never had I thought that I would experience a moment like that. And I  simply could not wait to continue the travels and see what else I was going to find.

IMG_3184IMG_3236IMG_323210me and anth bdayAnth, killian, me 2


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