Siblings Adventure

My first visitor was my brother and I couldn’t be happier! After 2.5 weeks on my own I was ready for a companion and my brother is hands down one of the best travelers out there. He knows how to have a good time and make the best of everything! Anthony flew into Portland, OR on Sunday afternoon. I had a long trek that morning before picking him up. I had a 3 hour ride on my motorcycle after leaving  The Dream Roll to pick up my camper which was an amazingly beautiful ride, from there I packed up the bike and drove an hour to pick up Sally, a half later we were at the airport. Once I got to my brother it marked the beginning of an interesting journey  filled with endless nature adventures, lots of laughter and good conversations along with several drinks.

We stayed in Portland for a couple nights and then made way to Mt. Rainier in Washington. Thanks to my brothers excellent navigation we managed to see several magnificent waterfalls, go on some great short hikes and stayed at one of my favorite campsites of the whole trip. Below are some of the waterfalls along Columbia River in Corbett.


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