Down a fuel pump

We’re two days in and I’ve already got stories to tell… Yesterday was a long day; 10 hours of hightailing it through Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Unfortunately I was on the side of the road twice. First time a nice husband and wife stopped and helped. The husband is a Kawasaki man; he used to own a 440. He relieved dad from trying to walk me through the issue over the phone. Short story is the caborator isn’t getting enough fuel. We found a short cut to get her started.

 The second stalling happened on the highway, luckily I knew what to do to get her started again thanks to Kawasaki man but I made it to the nearest motel/RV park, which looked all sorts of sketchy! Turns out I couldn’t have landed in a better place. Met a group of riders on their way to Sturgis.  One guys is a manchanic; he took a look under the hood and knew right away that I need a new fuel pump. So him and I are riding motorcycles to the nearest town this AM to Oreilys and then heading back to the site to replace the pump. 

I’d say the adventures have begun! And hopefully I don’t have anymore stories of engine trouble. 

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